Wednesday, August 03, 2022

The Joy of Six 1066

"The Conservatives of today are possessed of a small idea: that they should be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want (to whoever they want), and that the rest of us should not just accept this but facilitate and celebrate them." Alan Finlayson watches the Conservative leadership election.

Andrew Screen says Edge of Darkness owes a tremendous amount to Bob Peck: "On his death from cancer in April 1999, at the age of only fifty three, Edge of Darkness was not only one of the most ambitious British television productions, but also the most critically acclaimed and successful ratings grabbers the BBC ever produced."

"This isn’t a problem of a place lost in the midst of time either — confusion set in barely a day after the event. The report of the defeat near the village of Dadlington that first reached Yorkist loyalists in the North referred to the king’s death at the “Battle of Redemore”. Nowadays, nobody even knows where Redemore was." Fergus Butler-Gallie visits Bosworth Field.

About SE11 travels back to 1971, when The Who and Rod Stewart rocked The Oval.

The Old Oak Estate in Hammersmith was once described as the London County Council’s "finest contribution to the revival of English domestic architecture". Municipal Dreams takes us there.

A London Inheritance finds what used to be the Saville Theatre, where I once sang with Danny La Rue.

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