Friday, September 09, 2022

Actors demonstrating against the 1971 Industrial Relations Bill at 10 Downing Street

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This is a real early 1970s Who's Who of the profession. From left to right they are: Dame Peggy Ashcroft, Derek Nimmo, Edward Woodward, Ernest Clark, Peggy Mount, Robert Morley, Andrew Cruickshank, Ian McKellen.

The only one I had to look up was Ernest Clark (erroneously called "Clarke" in Getty's caption), who played Professor Geoffrey Loftus in ITV's Doctor in the House. He was a poor man's Sir Lancelot Spratt, to those who know Richard Gordon's books or the films from the 1050s

I have a new admiration for Edward Heath as "the man who faced down Peggy Mount".

Derek Nimmo and Edward Woodward were supporters of the Liberal Party and the Liberal Democrats. Dame Peggy Ashcroft, or so Lord Bonkers tells me, was the latter party's first leader.

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