Tuesday, September 06, 2022

The lost signal boxes of March

March in Cambridgeshire was a railway town and home to Whitemoor, the largest railway marshalling yard in the country.

After Whitemoor closed in 1990 a prison was built on part of the site, which is as good a metaphor for the effect of the Conservative governments of that era as you wull find. More recently, the railway has re-established a presence there.

The town's station once had seven working platforms, but can now manage with two

The line to Spalding, which I travelled on as a student, closed in 1982 and will not reopen. There is more hope that the line to Wisbech will be restored, but the government has lost its enthusiasm for such schemes and I am not optimistic.

This video shows us all March's signal boxes, of which only two remain in operation. Some of the photography is beautifully atmospheric.


Frank Little said...

The appointment of Anne-Marie Trevelyan as Transport Secretary is not promising.

Jonathan Calder said...

The idea of turning the clock back and undoing a few of Beeching's closures appealed to some Conservatives, but they lost their enthusiasm when they heard how much these schemes cost.