Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Remembering Upper Kent Street, Leicester

Copyright © Dennis Calow

One of the striking things about the aerial photograph of Leicester Midland steam locomotive shed I posted a couple of days ago is the long terraced street that passed close by it.

Someone on Twitter (my mother used to work for him, as it happens) remembered visiting cousins in Upper Kent Street, as it was then called, and spending hours with them watching the coming and goings on the railway.

Today Upper Kent Street has been redeveloped and even renamed Maidstone Road. But it lives on in the University of Leicester's Vanished Leicester collection where you will find several images of it.

Follow that link to see them all: I have reproduced a couple here.

Copyright © Dennis Calow


Anonymous said...

Have you a picture of the first block of upper Kent Street, number 2 to 16 from Melbourne street to Garendon street.

Jonathan Calder said...

If you follow the link on Vanished Leicester you'll find more photos of Upper Kent Street, though I can't see exactly what you want.