Thursday, November 02, 2023

A drone's-eye view of the Stiperstones ridge

Time for some Shropshire hill porn. This is the ridge of the Stiperstones, where the stony surface makes for hard walking - it's like North Cornwall without the sea. The Long Mynd, a hill that runs parallel to the Stiperstones a few miles to the east, is grassy and altogether easier to negotiate.

The video picks out the various outcrops along the ridge. It's hard to avoid the disappointment one character feels in Mystery at Witchend, the first of Malcolm Saville's Lone Pine stories, when viewing them from the Mynd:

Dickie couldn't admit that the black rocks crowning the highest part of the ridge looked like a Chair. They didn't - not really.

The only thing to add is that the Stiperstones are best avoided on the winter solstice, when all the ghosts of Shropshire meet there.

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