Thursday, November 09, 2023

The Joy of Six 1177

"Mini motions are a new idea introduced by Scottish Conference Committee aimed at making it easier for members to make policy. Submitting a motion can be quite a formal and intimidating process, so they invited ideas summed up in a couple of hundred words. These would have 15 minutes each, a 3 minute proposal speech followed by 1 minute reactions. Conference then has an indicative vote on whether they want Policy Committee to work up the idea." Caron Lindsay attended the Scottish Liberal Democrats' autumn conference.

Warwick Mansell looks at how the strict and draconian policies that some schools have in place for managing pupil behaviour are being questioned by worried parents, and asks why the government is not doing more to address concerns.

"These actions are unprecedented. They show that Shropshire Council was in a frenzy about getting its plans for the road approved. They have undermined the councils reputation as a democratic body." Andy Boddington on attempts to silence critics of the controversial Shrewsbury North West Relief Road.

Stephanie Gaunt finds that new government proposals would make her an extremist.

"Of course, upon its 50th anniversary, now that Brexit is well and truly upon us, The Wicker Man is even more apposite. A tweed-wearing establishment figure stirs up a 'local island for local people!' where we will gather our own fruit and burn our bridges to the mainland/continent in a bid to solve our own issues in 'broad, sunlit uplands'." Tim Pelan on the pagan British weirdness of The Wicker Man.

Sarah Patey takes us to the country bolthole of the composer and recusant William Byrd.

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