Thursday, November 16, 2023

Proof the Princes in the Tower lived longer than Richard III?

Back in August I sent you off to a podcast featuring the historian Matt Lewis and his theory that the Princes in the Tower survived for some years after they disappeared from public sight in 1483.

This evening he has posted a new podcast in this Gone Medieval series in which Philippa Langley, who came to prominence as the catalyst of the archaeological dig that found Richard III in Leicester, presents what sounds like remarkable new evidence that supports Lewis's theory.

The story is also in tomorrow's newspapers. Here's the Mirror:

Philippa Langley and a 300-strong team of citizen historian helpers have uncovered four key documents which she claims show the brothers, aged 12 and nine when they disappeared in 1483, were not killed but exiled. Claiming we have all fallen victim to 500 years of Tudor propaganda, she declares: "I think they weren’t murdered. I think they survived."

In a feature-length documentary she tells how each of the princes later launched failed invasions of England in a bid to take back the throne. 

The Mirror's report goes on to set out the new evidence she has amassed.

Langley's documentary, The Princes in the Tower: The New Evidence, is on Channel 4, on Saturday at 8pm.

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