Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Iain Dale has disgusted Tunbridge Wells

Red faces at Conservative campaign headquarters.

Yesterday came news that Iain Dale gave up his LBC radio show to stand as the Conservative candidate for Tunbridge Wells.

Today came this from Adam Bienkov on Byline Times:

Departing LBC Presenter Iain Dale, who announced this week that he is quitting the station in an attempt to stand as the Conservative party’s candidate for Tunbridge Wells, previously told listeners to his podcast that he “never liked the place” and “would happily live somewhere else”.

Dale, who announced this week that he hopes to succeed Conservative MP Greg Hands as the MP for the area, said on his podcast ‘For the Many’ in 2022 that he had only remained in the area “slightly against my will”.

“I have lived in Tunbridge Wells since 1997, slightly against my will”, he told his co-host, the former Labour MP Jacqui Smith.

“I’ve never liked the place. Still don’t, and would happily live somewhere else”.

If it's any consolation to Dale, who was helpful to me in the far off early days of political blogging and whose style influenced mine, he won't be the last of the many Tory candidates appointed at the last minute whose online life will cause them embarrassment. I can see it being a theme of the campaign.

Meanwhile, reports LBC, the Tory deputy chairman and candidate Jonathan Gullis has been pictured campaigning with a convicted heroin dealer,


nigel hunter said...

Talking about social media ,how strong is the party on TIK TOK? BBC media was talking about it yesterday and today SKY had an article concerning its influence in the election.I hope we are not missing a trick.

nigel hunter said...

Back to social media. We have DIGITAL LIB DEMS (Lib Dem Voice. Hannah Shimko Sun. 10th March) that was to be launched at the Spring Conference. I hope this is growing as social media digital is a growing area in communication