Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Labour is reinforcing the Lib Dem claim that they "can't win here!"

From LabourList today

Labour has approximately 100 general election candidates left to publicly announce ... despite the party twice accelerating its selection process.

The fact around one in six Constituency Labour Parties has no candidate, dozens more have only been recently announced and some CLPs have felt left in the dark have all sparked controversy.

Many members have voiced their frustration, given the lack of a focal point for campaigning and attacks by the Lib Dems in what Labour has called its “non-battleground” seats.

Given that convincing voters that "Labour Can't Win Here" is central to our campaign in target seats, this does seem a remarkably generous approach by Labour, whatever their reason for taking it.

And, thinking of today's speculation, they will be poorly placed if a snap election is called.

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