Saturday, May 01, 2010

Six of the Best 47

Why vote Liberal Democrat? Lynne Featherstone will tell you.

And it seems that Lib Dem flashmobs are planned nationwide. I am not certain what a flashmob is, but Alex Foster on Liberal Democrat Voice will explain. It seems they involve the Facebook.

Freedom Central has news of an opinion poll that "puts the Welsh Liberal Democrats on course for its best ever performance in Wales next Thursday".

Meanwhile, Nick Clegg is visiting Neil Fawcett's dad - and the rest of Redcar. Neil says on A Liberal Dose: "The fact that a constituency like Redcar is even getting these visits demonstrates just how far the political ground has shifted."

Iain Dale nominates his "Ten people who are having a bad election." Astoundingly - and I know a number of bookies who have lost a fortune on this - not one of them is a Conservative. Perhaps Iain could nominate "Three Tories who have had a slightly less brilliant election than all the other Tories" to give us a more nuanced account of the campaign?

Finally, thanks are due to Crying All the Way to the Chip Shop for leading us to All That Mighty Heart, a film about the capital released by London Transport in 1962.

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Frank Little said...

When has London Transport released capital? ;-)