Monday, March 03, 2014

Tristram Hunt in the Cambridge Footlights

Yesterday I suggested that Tristram Hunt "does not resemble a potential senior government minister so much as someone playing a government minister in an Oxbridge revue".

A little research shows I was more right than I realised. It turns out that Hunt was a member of the Cambridge Footlights alongside such figures as David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

Tim Walker mentioned those days in the Daily Telegraph last November:
Still, if the shadow education secretary looks back with a dreamy sense of nostalgia on his days performing in the Footlights at Cambridge with David Mitchell and Robert Webb, his erstwhile co-stars would appear to see things differently. “Tris wasn’t reliably funny in those days,” Webb says, tartly.
He must have fitted in rather well then.

I also suggested that Hunt resembles Hugh Dennis's better looking younger brother. Sure enough, they went to the same (extremely expensive) school.

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