Sunday, February 12, 2006

Around the Lib Dem Blogs

The leadership campaign has acted as midwife to a remarkable number of new Lib Dem blogs. Go to Lib Dem Blogs Aggregated for the latest list, but Alex Wilcock's Love and Liberty is particularly worth a visit.

Elsewhere, Iain Sharpe has been saying some nice things about me. Apparently I am "the nice cop ... of Bloggers for Huhne" and even "the world's favourite Liberal Democrat blogger".

But he has also pointed out that I should be very worried that Nanny from Hell Polly Toynbee is also backing Chris Huhne, mentioning a posting I once made about one of her articles.

It is a worry. But my fellow cop James Graham (the nasty one, according to Iain) points to an Observer article which may explain Polly's backing for Huhne. It seems she is a Clapham neighbour of his and a recent dinner party guest.

I would be nervous of having dinner with Toynbee. She might make you eat up all your junket. But perhaps this explains that her support for Huhne owes more to friendship than a shared political vision. I certainly hope this is the case.

Elsewhere, Stephen Tall reprints the top 50 Lib Dem target seats under the new parliamentary boundaries. It's a sign of the times that as many as 22 of them are currently Labour held.

And Femme de Resistance at Forceful and Moderate reports on the BBC Question Time Lib Dem leadership special.

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