Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lord Bonkers on the leadership election

Lord Bonkers' latest diary has been posted on his website.

Rutland in winter. Earth stands hard as iron and water like a stone; this morning I distinctly heard frosty wind make moan. Snow has fallen, snow on snow – and I shouldn’t be surprised if it fell snow on snow too. All in all, the fields are white as a newly scrubbed orphan.

Good God! Merciful Heavens! I count myself a pretty broad-minded fellow – I went to Uppingham – but really! What has been going on? Kennedy! Rising Star!! The Reverend Hughes???

A hastily scribbled note is brought to me at Bonkers House in Belgrave Square, where I am staying for the week, by a friendly pigeon. It reads: “Help! Clegg and Teather are holding me prisoner. I am being pumped full of monkey glands and they have made me sell the Jag. Ming.” Poor Campbell. As I once observed to him, “the thenzies, Menzies, you are easily led”.


Onlinefocus Team said...

Possibly the best batch of his diary entries ever.

But then again, he's been living through such interesting events...

Apollo Project said...

Please pass on my regards to his Lordship - his latest entry made me laugh out loud!