Sunday, February 12, 2006

The (real) Thick Of It

Some things are worth reading even though they are in the Daily Mail.

Like this.


Anonymous said...

As a direct consequence of reading this blog I've now been steered not only in the direction of Matthew Parris'bizarre take on the by-election (Shorter version:Cameron's got the next election won as I read it.) but also to the above drivel.(The guy's such an obvious two-faced creep I just knew he was going to end up as a Tory).I know we should all read a variety of viewpoints but can't you come up with something a little more to the left?I nearly felt sorry for Labour for a moment.

Anonymous said...

"We're locked, we're cocked and we're ready to rock"

That's so awful, I may have to start using it "ironically".

Peter said...

Frankly, the whole story is a bit silly. I suspect anyone who has worked for any of the three main parties can come up with similar bits of silly (and not very clever) media managemnet - remmeber the rows from Tories about Lib Dem MPs 'do nutting' Paddy Ashdown in the House, to make it look as if people were actually listening to him in debates?

The only allegation of any seriousness is that HoC mail was misused by a regional office which, frankly, would be a bit surprising as they would be foolish to take the risk. (And again, it's an allegation that the Lib Dems are not wholly unfamiliar with .... nor any other MPs).

It would seem that the Labour party showed their good sense by not reemploying Mr Gibbs and he has vented his spleen in a childish way which should not boost his future political prospects!