Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Is Coate Water safe?

Steve Wakefield, a Tory councillor from Swindon, suggests that the University of Bath may be preparing to bale out of the proposed Coate Water Campus development on the outskirts of the town.

For reasons I explained a year ago, this would be a thoroughly good thing.

Later. There is more in the Swindon Advertiser.

Later still. A sensible local Liberal Democrat view:
We have always maintained that whilst Coate is the exact wrong location for a University campus, the town would greatly benefit from having one.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tim
I agree good news for Coate, though a bit of a blow for the town. I think that this development in this overly long saga will be interesting as I believe the Coate Development is now "parked" and will allow a breathing space to for all parties to take stock.

A uni is needed in Swindon, so let us all hope we can secure interest from a new uni. Which must chosen by the Council and its partners and not by just the developers.

This now allows an opportunity for the Education of our children in Swindon and must not be viewed as just another building project for some developers.

A university, if built will be around for hundreds of years and has to fit in culturally and ethically. That is why meetings taking place that do not include the council in this processs will not succeed.

The Uni will be part of the town, so the town as a whole will have to get involved, in choosing it. I hope, Stan, Dave and Martin, will add to the new debate.