Thursday, February 15, 2007

A wind farm on Lewis?

I think Peter Sanderson, who writes Earthquake Cove, had a less enjoyable time on Lewis than the one I had a few years ago. But he has posted a couple of lovely photographs and I think he is right when he says:
I can see that Lewis would be an incredible place for a wind farm ... But some places simply are not meant for development. They are too wild, too elemental. I cannot say that I enjoyed my time on Lewis. It was cold, difficult, dangerous, bleak. But it left me with a a great gift of this experience that I will not find elsewhere (and another great gift that I have not mentioned on my blog). How will the sacred landscape of Callanish adapt to dozens of giant turbines? It will become industrialised.
Mind you, if they get their tunnel the Outer Hebrides will really change.


Anonymous said...

Hello from the island of Berneray in the Outer Hebrides.

The tunnel is certainly feasible, and could be surprisingly cheap. Well, if the Norwegians get contracted to build it, that is:

peter said...

The photos are great. I spotted them as I was writing the article, but it was strange, because I wasn't searching for pictures of Lewis - they just presented themselves via stumbleupon.