Sunday, February 18, 2007

Peter Hain 30 years ago

The Sunday Times has an interesting reminder of the court case 30 years ago when Peter Hain was acquitted of bank robbery. The story does not come up with the revelations it promises, but it seemed obvious even at the time that Hain had been framed.

The story quotes an unnamed MP as saying:
“All this stuff coming out now at this time is great for Peter ... After all, it reminds everyone of the antiapartheid hero he was. Shame he has turned into such a boring bastard now.”
It will also remind people that Hain used to be a Liberal - something that has been rather airbrushed from the record.


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember Hain the YL leader once defining his "liberalism" as "popular socialism"

Joe Taylor said...

It makes one wonder whether there was any South African involvement in the Jeremy Thorpe scandal, given his prominent anti-apartheid stance...