Sunday, February 04, 2007

Your mate's down the corridor and he's singing like a canary

The News of the Screws makes some remarkable claims this morning:

Shock admissions by one of Tony Blair's closest aides are set to lead to three people being charged in the Cash For Honours scandal.

The News of the World can reveal that the Prime Minister's political secretary John McTernan "started the dominos falling" when quizzed by cops.

These dominos are expected to come crashing down around Blair, who yesterday pleaded with the Labour Party to be allowed to stay on in Downing Street. We can reveal:

  • The new evidence led to two arrests and Mr Blair being questioned by detectives.
  • Now three people, including two of the PM's closest aides, the Prime Minister's fundraiser Lord Levy and his head of government relations Ruth Turner, are set to be charged.
  • Substantial new evidence, including McTernan's diaries, has now been disclosed to the Crown Prosecution Service.
  • Mr Blair may now be questioned again, possibly even under caution, after he failed to give satisfactory answers to police.

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