Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Disney to make live action film of The Sword in the Stone

It is always both pleasing and worrying to hear that one of your favourite books is to be filmed.

Hence my reaction to this news from Variety:
Continuing their strategy of reimagining animated classics into live-action movies, Disney is developing a “Sword in the Stone” movie with “Game of Thrones” writer Bryan Cogman penning the script, Variety has confirmed.
Disney did make a cartoon film out of The Sword in the Stone back in 1963. I have never watched it all the way through. What I have seen of it is fun but without the depth of the book, which manages to be funny and sad and silly and wise all at the same time.

And even if this new film is a stinker, the book will still be there. If it is good, it will win the book many new readers.

Hidden away in the small print of the story, which talks about the other cartoons Disney are to remake as live actions films, comes the news that Winnie the Pooh is also due for this treatment.

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