Thursday, July 09, 2015

Six of the Best 522

"I’d definitely recommend the experience to new members, even if you aren’t sure whether you align yourself with the SLF ... It’s a great way to understand what’s important to different people within the Lib Dems and to benefit from the wisdom and experience of people who have been a force for positive, liberal change in society through their activism and campaigning. " Tom King enjoyed attending the Social Liberal Forum Conference.

Peter Black says universities must justify a situation where more than 70 per cent of graduates are now leaving university with a first or upper second class degree.

Oliver Burkeman curses the fashion for iced coffee.

London Life with Bradshaw's Hand Book follows the Ravensbourne River from Lewisham to Lower Sydenham.

"In Vermont, any road that was ever officially entered into a town’s record books remains legally recognized, indefinitely. It doesn’t matter if the road has not been travelled in two hundred years, or if it was never travelled at all, or if it was merely surveyed and never actually built." Geoff Manaugh on the lost roads of one American state.

Abandoned Britain visits Leicester's former Abbey Motor Hotel.

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