Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers

Could it be that the much-needed revival of Liberal Democrat thinking has reached the blogosphere?

Last month eight (count 'em) new blogs were added to the LibDemBlogs aggregator - many thanks to Ryan Cullen for sending me the list.

Here are the eight:

A Liberal Renewal (written by David Shaw) went to its first two Liberal Democrat meetings at the start of June and has not blogged since. I hope those two facts are not connected.

A Liberal Take (written by Mike Brown) first appeared last year and has recently come back to life. What really catches the idea is a tweet of his from 2010: "The reason I joined the Lib Dems was so that I could help build them back up after they get annihilated after the next election."

Jenni Hollis is chiefly concerned with politics in Haringey and draws lessons from Lynne Featherstone's defeat there in May: "we need to fight smartly as well as working hard, pounding the pavements. And monitoring effectiveness, testing messaging/techniques and adapting plans – rather than just ticking monthly KPI boxes – is key to this."

LibDemFuture (written by Ed Joyce) has a violent yellow background and has already featured guest posts by Gareth Epps and Lembit Opik.

Liberal Thoughts (written by Ceri Phillips) writes on the lack of diversity in the Lib Dem parliamentary party: "it's not so much that it is 'too' anything so much that it 'isn't enough' something else!"

Merry Liberal (written by Peter Stitt) has not seen a post since mid-May. Perhaps he has been two merry?

Some Ramblings (written by Rebecca Plenderleith) has some strong things to say about the Scottish government's failures on child mental health.

Squiffy Liberal (written by Mike Green) wants a hub airport in the North, an end to pointless legislation and to be treasurer of Liberal Youth.

Do visit these news blogs. And if you have a new blog you would like to appear here, please add it to LibDemBlogs.

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