Monday, July 27, 2015

On being derailed between Wye and Chilham

I spent yesterday with Liberator's Stewart Rayment and family at Hastings Pirate Day. ("Arrr!")

I took the train back through Rye to Ashford and then caught another one to Canterbury.

Somewhere between Wye and Chilham there was a loud bang and the train began to judder. It soon became obvious that the coaches (I am not sure if there was one or two of them) in front of mine had become derailed, but we came safely to a stop.

No one was hurt - even the single passenger in the coach you can see in my photo. The train crew took control, the emergency services came (there was even a helicopter) and we waited.

Eventually we all had to climb down a ladder to reach the ground. and then make our way down a muddy back and across a field to a lane.

After a walk up the lane it was a ride in a police van (I chose the cage at the back as it was the only chance I will get to ride in one unless someone talks) to Godmersham village hall.

There tea was provided, our details were taken and eventually a bus to Canterbury and stations further east was provided. I got back to my B&B just before one in the morning.

It was all very British - no one panicked, the emergency services and railway staff were immensely impressive and it all ended with a cup of tea produced without any notice very late on a Sunday night.

It could have been more serious if the train had gone down the bank, but it didn't and no one was hurt.

Because I tweeted the photo above the world's media have been after me this morning. I have said that anyone can use the photo with a suitable credit but I do not want to be interviewed.

Oh, and what I thought was the acrid smell of the brakes being suddenly applied turned out to be the smell of burning cows. I think I shall have fish or chicken this evening.


BruceK said...

I am glad to hear you weren't hurt, and hope you are not too shaken.

Jonathan Calder said...

I am fine, thank you.

crewegwyn said...

Gosh. Just been looking at that incident on the railforums website, which linked to your photo. "Jonathan Calder" I thought; "that rings a bell".

Glad you're ok - could have been an awful lot worse. Good work by the rail staff and emergency services. And - I must say - a good argument for keeping staff on trains!

But mainly, glad you're ok.

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks Gwyn!

Herbert Eppel said...

Leicester Mercury says: Train derailed by cows: Photo taken by Harborough man on board goes viral