Thursday, April 07, 2016

Dr Sarah Hill, the Lib Dem PCC candidate for Leicestershire

The Harborough Mail has an interview with Dr Sarah Hill, who will be the Liberal Democrat candidate in next month's police and crime commissioner here in Leicesterhire:
Market Harborough resident Dr Sarah Hill, the only woman in the contest, said: “The last (Conservative) Police Commissioner spent over £1 million per year on their office. 
“By minimising the costs of the central office, I want to spend more money on operations, putting more resources into the frontline where the public needs them.” 
Dr Hill, a former Robert Smyth pupil and current Harborough District and Leicestershire County councillor, said the last Police Commissioner spent too much on employing people in strategic and consultative roles. 
She said she is standing on a platform of challenging the status quo by reducing central office costs and creating a more visible presence of 
police on the streets. 
“The biggest complaint I get from local residents is that they don’t see as many police officers as often as they used to” she said.
Last time, having agreed to their introduction under the coalition agreement, the party did not field a candidate in many of the contests.

Mark Pack brings news that things are better this time.

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Anonymous said...

I support most of the viewpoint but with the police being decimated by this government how can they walk the streets more often and is this an outdated strategy?