Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Old School, Billesdon

George Villiers, later the Duke of Buckingham and a favourite of James I, was educated in Billesdon between 1602 and 1605. (He was born in 1592.)

Most authorities dismiss the tradition that George Fox, a found of the Quakers, was educated there some years later. (He was born in 1624.)

The Old School in the village does not date back quite that far. It was put up by William Sharpe of Rolleston in 1650.

Nineteenth-century antiquarians feared its loss, but - no doubt much restored over the centuries - it still stands today.


Tim said...

This was in use as a school room in the 1960s. the middle two years from the village school were taught here - until the school was extended in I think the early 70s. We were walked up and down the road to the "new" school for our breaks and lunches come rain or shine.

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks for the memory, Tim.