Friday, April 08, 2016

Six of the Best 586

"We are watching as social conservatives push against economic conservatives who are increasingly more socially liberal. No longer, it seems, can these two groups share the same Republican Party." Darin Self analyses the significance of Donald Trump.

There is no such thing as a humane execution, says Maya Foa.

Nat Jester believes we need to talk about men.

"If we’re not careful, we will soon find ourselves operating trials in Kafka-esque fashion ... where a Defendant will be arrested on charges of which he is unaware, and plunged into a court system where everything is secret, from the charges to the rules of the court, and the guilt of the Defendant is assumed." CrimBarrister stands up for old-fashioned values in the law.

Clinical psychologist Jay Watts on the Archers, domestic abuse and gaslighting.

Chris Havergal reports on a study exploring the role of the Jack Wills brand in student life: "In choosing Jack Wills as their uniform, students from less privileged backgrounds were taking their lead from role models around them, Dr Smith argued, and his research details the role that the company has played in this process."

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