Tuesday, April 05, 2016

When David Cameron said Jimmy Carr's tax avoidance was "not morally acceptable"

"I know what irony is, but I can't explain it," a friend's bright young daughter once said to me frustratedly.

This is the sort of thing she probably had in mind.

I expect Cameron was told to attack Jimmy Carr because he was a "left-wing comedian".

As I blogged at the time, he is nothing of the sort:
Some on the right have been pleased to see Carr get his comeuppance, seeing the affair as confirmation of their belief that lefties are all hypocrites. But if anything, Carr was recruited to 10 O'Clock Life as a balancing right-wing voice. 
Certainly, as I argued in a post last December, there is nothing particularly lefty about Carr's comedy: 
Left-wing politics is based in a belief that things could be better. Carr's schtick, by contrast, is to imply that he is wiser than us. Life is shit, and he has seen through it. 
I don't see much hope there.

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