Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Chaos in the Stiperstones

From the Shropshire Star:
Severn Trent Water has been accused of causing more chaos on Shropshire roads after a short-notice closure shut the road between two rural villages. 
School buses, commuters and the service bus between Snailbeach and Stiperstones all found themselves turned away when they ran into unexpected roadworks. 
The water company said no notice could be given as it was an emergency closure, but this has not gone down well with residents who reported the leak more than two months ago. 
Councillor Heather Kidd, who represents Chirbury and Worthen, said: "Severn Trent fail to deal with leaks until they get pretty serious. They ignore problems until things get worse and then suddenly close a road, claiming its an emergency."
It's good to see Heather is on Severn Trent's case and this does give me an excuse to post another photograph of one of my favourite roads.

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