Friday, September 28, 2018

Long Eaton's second tin tabernacle

I found St Mary's near Long Eaton station earlier this summer, but there is a second tin tabernacle nearer the town centre.

Derbyshire Places of Worship tells its story:
This is a classic "tin tabernacle" building, with a central porch, sides of four bays, each with a window, and painted pale blue. According to The Long Eaton and Sawley Archive the building started life as a Railway Mission, for which meetings were held in Midland Street. 
This cause became defunct, and the building and its furnishings were purchased by the United Gospel Mission, who had been meeting in the former Primitive Methodist Church in Chapel Street. They renovated the Mission Hall, and re-erected it further down the same street, where it was in use for 27 years.
It is still in use as commercial premises, though it has now been painted green.

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Mark V said...

Thank you, Jonathan. We had one of these in exactly this colour, St Barnabas, in the quarrying village where I grew up, New Duston, Northamnpton - a mission church for the quarrymen. Next to it was a brick coal bunker later turned into a youth club with psychedelic murals. Alas, all gone. Mark