Thursday, September 27, 2018

Six of the Best 819

An alternative to conventional overseas aid? USAID, the American foreign aid agency, is conducting a trial that measures the impact when poor people abroad are simply given money with which to decide what’s best for themselves. Marc Gunther reports.

Sophie Scott examines the science behind the UN's laughing reaction to Donald Trump.

"According to the card shop, we are all glitter-loving, cupcake-scoffing prosecco princesses, just waiting for gin o’clock." Olivia Gagan on what greeting cards tell us about society's narrow view of women.

"Underpinning Google’s increasing and seemingly magical ability to predict what you want to search for, when you want to search for it, is an ever-growing pool of data." Mic Wright doesn't want Google to take him on journeys, he just wants it to answer his questions.

Glen Browder and Terri Ann Ognibene investigate the mysterious 'Turks' of South Carolina.

Go on a journey beneath the streets of Shrewsbury with Chris Schurke.

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