Sunday, September 02, 2018

Remains of a medieval village and warren at Gumley

Gumley Hall was demolished in 1964. It stood on what is now a large open space between the church and the stables at the top of the hill.

Its construction in 1764, and in particular the landscaping of its grounds, brought changes to the village.

Today its houses are all sited on the long road running up to the church, but before the Hall was built there was a settlement at the top of the hill.

The land it occupied is now a scheduled Ancient Monument. There remains there include the remains of a medieval settlement and of a medieval rabbit warren.

Its southern boundary is the gated road from Gumley to Laughton - the one that runs across the modern village's cricket ground.

This means that the war memorial and cricket pavilion are part of the protected site, but not the wicket.

After exploring the Motte last week I too some photographs of the intriguing humps and hollows to be found at the top of the hill.

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