Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Sarah Wollaston condemns Boris Johnson for hiding from scrutiny

Boris Johnson is not fit to be prime minister.

He has cancelled his appearance before the Commons liaison committee, whose membership consists of the chairs of all the Commons select committee, for the third time.

Its chair, the Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Wollaston, has replied to his letter in forceful terms:
"Frankly, I am astonished that, at such short notice, you are refusing to face detailed scrutiny from select committee chairs tomorrow morning. This is the third time that you have postponed or cancelled. 
"I have already conveyed the committee's deep disappointment that you did not appear on Wednesday 11th September, despite your suggestion of that date and your later reassurance that you would keep that commitment. 
She added: "Our role as select committee chairs is to ask you detailed questions on behalf of the public and we planned to do so on Brexit, climate change, health and social care. It is unacceptable that you are refusing to be held to account."
Johnson has got to where he is with a mixture of bonhomie, bluster and telling lies in a public school accent.

It's an indictment of Britain and its institutions that this is enough to make you prime minister.

But Johnson's act has hit the buffers. His handlers kept him from the media as much as they could during the Conservative leadership contest because they knew he would not stand up to scrutiny.

Now he is prime minister they are doing the same with the liaison committee and for the same reasons.

Thus demonstrating that Boris Johnson is not fit to be prime minister.

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nigel hunter said...

You are equally saying that his minders are powerful and riding roughshod over UK rules and regulations They get away with manipulating the press who salivate every time one of their disingenuous comments,lies come out of 'No 10 sources' etc. These are then fed to the right wing press who sell the papers for their right wing bosses who do not live in the country ,who have only one interest in it,that of making themselves richer at others expense. This continues the .manipulation with the voter which continues the Brexit mess.