Sunday, October 13, 2019

"A distraction from the class struggle": Women, race and the left

Black, Asian and women Labour MPs have asked for a meeting with Jeremy Corbyn over their concern they are being disproportionately targeted for deselection.

The author of that article, ITV's political correspondent Paul Brand, later tweeted that meeting will take place on Tuesday afternoon.

But how can this be? Surely Labour activists are so woke it hurts?

They may be, but the people who command their loyalty - Jeremy Corbyn and Jon Lansman - cut their political teeth in a very different era.

When they were young, concern with sexual or racial inequality was widely dismissed on the hard left as "a distraction from the class struggle" - googling that phrase is a political education.

So I am not surprised at the MPs who find themselves under threat from Momentum activists. It's is just what someone who remembers the hard left in its last ascendancy - the early 1980s - would expect.

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nigel hunter said...

So we have a left wing extreme party in Govnt or a right wing extreme govnt in charge of a once well thought of country that is sliding into obscurity.? How the forces of evil can thrive thru negligence of the forces of good by not realising we are all one.