Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The reburial of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral

Liberal England from 2012:
Leicester Chronicler says: 
very little survives of the medieval friary; just an archway in the basement of private property and some stones incorporated into the wall of an open air municipal car park. 
I suspect that is the car park behind the social services building in Greyfriars, which was securely locked when I was there this afternoon. But I did find this plaque across the road on the side of the old Nat West bank. 
And, somewhere under the paving stones, the body of Richard III may well be close by.
When I posted this I did not know that a dig was planned at Greyfriars. Less than three months later, Richard's body was found.

Incidentally, the remains of Greyfriars are not in what was the social services car park, where Richard was found, but on the other side of New Street.

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