Sunday, October 06, 2019

The last train from Northampton to Market Harborough

The other day I wrote:
Thirty-eight years ago I travelled on the last train from Market Harborough to Northampton. Now comes news from Harborough FM that there is talk of reopening the line.
Discussing the idea with someone on Twitter, we came to the conclusion that restoring the original line through Market Harborough to the station would involve too much demolition,

But it might well be possible to divert the line at Great Oxendon to meet the Midland main line somewhere near Braybrooke.

Anyway, the last train on the line (at least for now) ran on 15 August 1981. These are the photographs I still have from the ones I took that day.

We drove to Northampton to catch the train, which ran through Harborough on the down line to reach the signal box, then reversed on to the up line to reach the remaining LNWR platform.

Eventually it took us all back to Northampton.

Note the people leaning out of train windows and the casual trespassing, both of which I must have been guilty of myself to take these photos. Things were more easy-going on the railways in those days.


Unknown said...

Absolutely fascinating shots, thank you!

Anonymous said...

The mentioned date you published is incorrect. It's was on Saturday 15th August 1981 which Welland Valley Rail Revival Group ran farewell DMU trip.
See this SBJ website here:

Next day on Sunday 16th August 1981 that closed officially by BR.
See Wikipedia here:

Anonymous said...

Not only were things more easy-going; the windows opened.