Saturday, December 21, 2019

Six of the Best 901

You know Britain's problems? Chris Cook argues that they are all David Cameron's fault.

Stian Westlake says the Conservatives' new concern for declining towns has not been thought through: "The problem is not the politics: it’s the economics. Many of the political pundits seeking to Make Towns Great Again have got themselves into a terrible confusion both about the economic problem they’re trying to solve, and about what policies will work to fix it."

"Italy has closed down its psychiatric hospitals, unlocked the doors of secure units, stopped restraining patients and recently became the world’s first nation to end use of forensic psychiatric hospitals." Ian Birrell looks at an alternative approach to mental illness.

Nicholas Whyte celebrates the fourth and final series of Blake's 7.

"Other than his striking leonine hair, the other defining characteristic possessed by Miles was an inveterate disregard for authority, which he displayed on and off the board." Paul Lam remembers Tony Miles, Britain's first chess grandmaster, who died in 2001 aged only 46.

Tim Worthingon loves Blur's Modern Life is Rubbish.

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