Saturday, December 07, 2019

Trivial Fact of the Day connects the assassination of President Kennedy with Harry Connick Jr

If you have ever disappeared down the JFK assassination rabbit hold, or simply seen Oliver Stone's film, you will know all about the New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison.

It was he who brought an unsuccessful prosecution against the New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw for conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy.

In 1973 Garrison was defeated in the election for district attorney by Harry Connick, who was to hold the post for the next 30 years.

As Wikipedia explains, Connick intervened in the aftermath of the prosecution of Shaw:
In 1995, while District Attorney, Connick promised to the Assassination Records Review Board and at a public meeting in New Orleans that he would donate the Garrison investigative files which were still in his office. 
According to the Review Board's final report, Connick instructed one of his investigators to destroy these documents after he took office. The investigator took them home instead and kept them until he found out about the Review Board. 
A battle ensued between Connick and the Review Board after Connick demanded that the papers were returned to him and threatening to withhold the investigation papers. 
After many subpoenas going both ways, and with the help of the Justice Department, the Review Board won and all of the documents in question are in the JFK Collection.
Connick is still alive and is these days is known as Harry Connick Sr because he has a son by the same name - the singer Harry Connick Jr.

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