Saturday, December 07, 2019

Six of the Best 897

"Those of us who are left of centre in rural areas are often completely missed from political discourse, despite our long history of distinctive political belief." Oliver Craven on the Liberal Democrat pitch to the rural left.

Comfort of a sort from Richard Heller, who argues that if Boris Johnson wins on Thursday Brexit won't get done and he will soon be the most unpopular leader in British history.

"All this explains why Tory support depends so much upon the legacy vote from older people and upon the populist slogan, 'Get Brexit Done'. Their historic client base has shrunk. Sure, this legacy vote and populism might be sufficient to get them over the line next week. But the Tories’ longer-term prospects are surely poor." Chris Dillow says the degradation of middle-class work has eroded the Tories' electoral base.

Nick Tyrone rediscovers football with his children and wonders if its gentrification has something to do with Brexit.

Neil Young celebrates Britain's most prolific woman film director Muriel Box.

There are some great photos of the Par to Newquay branch over the past 50 years on the Cornwall Railway Society site.

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