Monday, May 04, 2020

Six of the Best 924

Michael Mullaney says the Liberal Democrats must be a party for all of Britain.

"Face-to-face work is especially important for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. And they may find it harder to study in environments that are not conducive to learning. Remote learning must not allow these groups of students to become ever more remote." The former Conservative minister Chris Skidmore argues that universities must introduce extra financial and pastoral support to look after their remote students

"In Polanyi’s opinion, whenever the profit-making impulse becomes deadlocked with the need to shield people from its harmful side effects, voters are tempted by the 'fascist solution': reconcile profit and security by forfeiting civic freedom." Caleb Crain believes Karl Polanyi's thinking is newly relevant today.

Alan Morris finds that the Covid-19 lockdown has given Bristol people a sense of how much pleasanter their city would be if it was not dominated by motor vehicles.

Brendan Cormier looks at the home-made signs that have appeared during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What's the difference between Jack-in-the-Green and the Green Man? Icy Sedgwick explains.

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