Thursday, May 21, 2020

Six of the Best 928

"What was the Liberal Democrats’ aim at the 2019 general election: to maximise the number of Liberal Democrat MPs in parliament or to stop Brexit? That was the tactical question the party never answered." Stephen Bush looks at the Lib Dems' post mortem on their 2019 general election campaign.

"Seventy years ago my dad needed to change his weird foreign name to avoid the sly glances of bigots. Stewart Lee is that bigot - a man who thinks the best response to a foreign sounding Jewish name is to ridicule it in a national newspaper." Ouch. Read Stephen Pollard in the Jewish Chronicle.

Kathryn Rix surveys bizarre turnip-related deaths among Victorian MPs.

Following the death of Florian Schneider, Owen Hatherley looks at the influence of Kraftwerk.

Mackenzie Nicholls marks the 20th anniversary of Gladiator. Russell Crowe tells him: "The standout thing with this film, and 20 years later I can say with confidence that somewhere in the world, today, tonight, that movie will be played on primetime. And it’s 20 years since it came out. Not every movie lasts in that way."

Wyrd Britain reviews a collection of horror stories by Arthur Machen.

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