Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Layla Moran: After Covid-19 we must build a fairer country

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Layla Moran has written an article for Left Foot Forward setting out the measures she wants government to take so that we emerge from the current crisis as "a more equal and compassionate country".

She repeats the call she made a few days ago for the introduction of a universal basic income, better wages and benefits for key workers and investment in public services.

And adds:
To rebuild a progressive, liberal society, the measures above would need to form part of a more extensive package. We also need radical changes to the education system to create equal access to high-quality teaching. We need to ensure that all talents – academic and non-academic – are nurtured and encouraged.
I repeat my welcome for her views from the post I wrote those few day ago because they "reflect what we have learnt about British society from the Covid-19 pandemic".

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Phil Beesley said...

Why are lads and lasses contacting universities to ask whether they should turn up in September?

Graduate qualification has been simplified by three years.

If you think that you will attend, you have automatically failed. Cheques, please...