Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Six of the Best 926

Michael Meadowcroft points us to a short document on the principles of liberal democracy that he once helped Leeds Lib Dems draw up.

Natalie Bloomer is right to emphasise how the government's response to Covid-19 is putting the working class at much greater risk.

"All can now see that social care and our system of social support is worth much higher esteem; but how or whether we translate a new mood into a new system is uncertain." Alex Khaldi on social care after Covid-19.

Patrick Barkham explains how forest schooling is helping children from every background: "I assumed that most refugees have come to the UK from cities, but Wild Things has worked with many migrant children who grew up in rural areas. Meanwhile British-born city children belong to a country called Indoors."

"The guards are accustomed to such disturbances. But every so often a patrol encounters a noise, a flash of movement, or simply a sudden lurch in the pit of the stomach, that stops even hardened veterans in their tracks." Killian Fox meets the ghosts of the British Museum.

Richard Mabey introduces Richard Jefferies' Wildlife in a Southern County,

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