Thursday, August 06, 2020

New charter for open spaces in England

The Open Spaces Society has launched a new charter for England's open spaces.

Phil Wadey, the society's chairman, says:
"During lockdown people have enjoyed their local spaces and paths as never before, and this use continues beyond the pandemic.  We know there is a great disparity in the distribution and quality of open spaces, and that investment in these assets provides excellent value for money by improving people’s health and well-being.

"We therefore call on government, local authorities and communities to work together to ensure that everyone has access to good-quality green space close to home.  This is a vital element of the green recovery after the pandemic.  We have made proposals as to how this can be achieved."
The charter calls on government to introduce a national plan and standards for open spaces, and to place a duty on local authorities to ensure everyone can enjoy good quality, well maintained and safe open space within 300 metres of their homes. 

It says such spaces should be secured as part of development and that local green space must be offered greater protection with an improved process for designating it.

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