Saturday, August 15, 2020

Six of the Best 950

"Some voters live in a so-called populist bubble, where they hear nationalist and xenophobic messages, learn to distrust fact-based media and evidence-based science, and become receptive to conspiracy theories and suspicious of democratic institutions. Others read and hear completely different media, respect different authorities, and search for a different sort of news." Anne Applebaum on how to beat populists when facts no longer matter - unconventional messengers, appeals to patriotism and even jokes can reach voters who don’t want to listen.

The current government communications campaign to prepare Britain for Brexit won't work. Maddy Thimont Jack explains why.

Jake Richards says children in care cannot be ignored any longer.

"In the past two years night trains have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, helped by the increasing discomfort of budget air travel and the security that goes with it, concerns around the climate emergency, and now the pandemic."  Nicole Kobie asks why the UK doesn’t have any night trains to Europe.

Historyfare tells the story of a Wellington bomber that took off from Market Harborough and crashed near Melton Mowbray on 13 August 1944.

Matt Thacker surveys the best and worst of cricket fiction.

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