Monday, August 24, 2020

Six of the Best 953

"A striking thing about the history of modern Russia is how littered it is with the corpses of democrats and friends of open society." Brian Stewart reviews a book on how Putin took over Russia.

Steven McCracken explains the strange rise of Darren Grimes.

"West African soldiers from the British colonies of Nigeria, the Gold Coast (now Ghana), Sierra Leone and the Gambia were crucial in winning the six-year jungle war in Burma (now Myanmar), fighting in appalling conditions to defend India from being overrun by Japan in World War Two." David Rae, Ed Emeka Keazor and Ngozi Eneh Ojo say the story of the African soldiers who risked their lives and left their families to fight for the British must finally be recognised.

Jenny Valentish on the feminist pop of the 1970s Australian singer Helen Reddy, who is the subject of a new biopic I Am Woman.

Continuing the 1970s theme, Matt Blake chooses the books that defined the decade.

"Of Heathrow that day, Harmison writes: 'Have you ever tried to tell a five-year-old that Daddy’s not going to be home for weeks on end? At that moment I really wish I wasn’t a cricketer. I really wish I’d stayed working in the factory with my dad.'" Phil Walker talks to the former England fast bowler Steve Harmison his love for bowling, his outlook on the game and how he got through the most challenging times of his career.

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nigel hunter said...

I think my 1st comment did not go thru. Re Putin and military new 'cold war'. I read that Johnson Tories are discussing doing away with TANKS cos of the implication of cyber warfare being the next problem. This weekends NATO and hands more streanght to Putin to destroy the west. I note that Johnson and the Tories are very friendly with Russian oligarchs. A Trojan horse to weaken the west?