Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Six of the Best 954

"The Liberal Democrats have a poor quality of internal democracy because there are no well-organised factions acting as intermediaries between the membership and the internal elected bodies. If they’re even aware that they exist, most members have no real idea what the internal party bodies do because no one is explaining it to them in practical terms that make sense to them." Nick Barlow argues that the Lib Dems need to understand and embrace factions.

Jane Dodds says it's time for the Lib Dems to back a universal basic income.

"As more and more Englishmen landed on the Caribbean, cut down the trees, ploughed the land and began sugar production, the countryside back home in England also began to change. The slave traders and colonialists were making quick money in the Caribbean and heading home to translate this wealth into landed property." Nick Hayes explains how the English countryside was taken from the public using profits from slavery.

Nonie Coulthard makes the case for the reintroduction of beavers to Scotland.

"Women don’t attend cricket matches as an accessory to their male associates; they go because they want to watch cricket. Women watch cricket. Women understand and enjoy cricket." Abbie Rhodes discusses the sexist and anachronistic attitudes prevalent at every level of English cricket and what this means for female cricket fans.

Helen Lewis says Sherlock was the first drama series to recognise the implications of smartphones.


nigel hunter said...

Nick Barlow is correct all parts of the party should work together, alter problems to function correctly. He should not just use Medium to comment. Not all want to pay for it.

nigel hunter said...

Jane Dodds. Yes it can give peace of mind and encouragement to explore what life can show

nigel hunter said...

SugarTax and Tate and Lyles profits should be used to develop parks for all