Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A walk around the Isle of Dogs with John Rogers

 From the blurb on YouTube:

This walk starts at East India Basin near Orchard Place, Trinity Buoy Wharf. The basin is now a nature reserve but was built as East India Dock between 1803-06 to handle the cargos on the East India company. We then progress along the edge the Isle of Dogs beside the River Thames and pay a visit to the Virginia Settlers Monument at New Providence Wharf, and then to the site of the former Blackwall Dock and Blackwall Tunnel and admire the fine ventilation shafts designed by Terry Farrell for the London County Council between 1961-2.

We then make our way around Poplar Dock and Blackwall Basin and briefly pass through the private estate of Canary Wharf before returning to the perimeter of the Isle of Dogs by the Blue Bridge on Manchester Road. Here in Cubitt Town we find some rare surviving older dwellings on the Isle and pass the Samuda Estate named after the Samuda Brothers Shipbuilding Company. 

We walk along the Thames past Van Gogh Court, Millennium Wharf, Cubitt Wharf, and Caledonian Wharf, to Newcastle Draw Dock and the beautiful sunset view along Glenaffric Avenue. Our when then finishes at Island Gardens.

John Rogers has a Patreon account to support his videos and blogs at The Lost Byway.

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