Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Joy of Six 1010

"Clarke roots his theories in the politics of the contemporary left and has identified three mythologies that need to be overcome if the party is to win power again. He terms these 'the Dark Knight', 'the Puppet Master' and 'the Golden Age'." Anthony Broxton reviews Chris Clarke’s book The Dark Knight and the Puppet Master.

Eric Levitz says the choice before us on climate change is techno-optimism or barbarism.

"Not only is parkrun exactly the kind of health intervention that local government should be pulling out all the stops to support, but it is also a source of company and community to many people who have ended up socially adrift." Isabel Hardman asks why the post-lockdown revival of parkrun is being delayed.

"Ballard, who was no admirer of England’s 'green and pleasant land' and was quick to embrace the cool promise of modernity after the war, nevertheless found worrying portents in the high-rise tower blocks going up in cities in the United Kingdom and United States." Phyllis Richardson on J.G. Ballard, tower blocks and dystopian dread.

Oliver Wainwright travels to Derby and its new Museum of Making, housed in an old silk mill beside the River Derwent.

Kaitlyn Tiffany looks at the popularity of conspiracy theories about celebrity pregnancies.

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