Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Eurovision winner who was the granddaughter of a Liberal MP

Emmelie de Forest won Eurovision for Denmark in 2013 with Only Teardrops and also provides us with our Trivial Fact of the Day.

Because her grandfather was Maurice de Forest, who sat as Liberal MP for West Ham North between 1911 and 1918.

The 1911 by-election was called after this blog's hero Charles Masterman was found to have overspent on his campaign in the second general election of 1910. Masterman returned to the Commons in another 1911 by-election in a nearby seat.

Emmelie de Forest is reported to have boosted her image by claiming her grandfather Maurice was the illegitimate son of Edward VII.

But Royal Musings says the story is nonsense and Lord Bonkers has confirmed this to me.

Thanks to Mr Memory on Twitter - his account is well worth a follow if you like political trivia.


Anonymous said...

This is fascinating, but please specify if the photograph is of Ms de Forest or her grandfather. At first glance it looks like a costume for a Eurovision party, so I assume the former, but I'm unclear. Dr A

Jonathan Calder said...

I'll put a researcher on to it.