Friday, March 10, 2023

Richard III: Solving a 500-year-old cold case

Recorded in 2016, this is an enjoyable gallop through the finding of the remains of Richard III in Leicester.

Professor Turi King, as she now is, led the genetic analysis and verification after the remains had been found.

I didn't see Steve Coogan's film The Lost King, because I thought one film I knew would annoy me - See How They Run - was enough last autumn.

But in view of its thesis that Philippa Langley's contribution to the finding of Richard was suppressed by an all-male conspiracy among academics as the University of Leicester, I had better point out two things here.

First, that Langley's role as a catalyst of the dig is acknowledged.

Second, that Professor King is a woman,


christine_a said...

You didn’t miss anything by not watching the Steve Coogan film, it was embarrassingly partisan.

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks - that was my impression of it.