Saturday, March 04, 2023

When Isabel Oakeshott met the KGB

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A Twitter follower sent me the link to a Guardian profile of Isabel Oakeshott from June 2018. At the time it was published, her most recent book was Call Me Dave, a biography of David Cameron that was written with Lord Ashcroft and serialised in the Daily Mail.

The Guardian profile reminds us:

In the book Oakeshott and Ashcroft describe attempting to contact 'current Kremlin and KGB' individuals for information on the then prime minister, before being summoned to a five-star hotel in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi to meet a 'very high-level source' and going on to meet figures at the Russian parliament.

After reporting the critical views of anonymous Russian security sources on Cameron, Oakeshott and Ashcroft suggest it was possible that Cameron should have adopted a 'more sophisticated and pragmatic stance' towards Russia and it could have had extra long-term benefits.

The more you read this passage, the more bizarre it becomes. The book we really need to be written is the one on relations between British right-wingers and the Russian state.

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nigel hunter said...

So she has form on 'Russian 'leanings'.She,hubby Tice seen with Banks and others can give an impression that the above have/were influenced, paid by Russian money.
Equally the recent events with Hancock,breaking the rules of journalism could deter others from reporting wrong doings by those in power,influence or money.
Could her actions not only be her earning money but to build up support for Reform UK, her hubbies party.